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 Plasma cleaner - special for cables >> Plasma cleaner - special for cables
Size of main engine box:395mm * 393mm * 186mm
Equipment Weight:16Kg (With ordinary direct spray gun body)\  20 Kg (Equipped with rotary nozzle body)
supply voltage:220 (+/- 10% ) Vac  50/60Hz
working frequency:20 - 25 KHz
high pressure:2KV ~ 7KV
Maximum practical output power:800W or 1000W (customized)
The efficiency of power consumption:>95% (At maximum power output)
Working pressure range:0.1MPa~0.5MPa (1Kg~5Kg)  The user can be adjusted

Air Requirements:
Air Inpvt:0.50MPa~1.00Mpa   
Input pipe diameter:Φ8mm
Air source can use ordinary air special process technical requirements, can use other specific gas.
The requirement must be no oil and no water gas source.


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